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Intraocular Surgery 2016

RRP $299.99

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This book instructs postgraduate trainees in ophthalmology on the basic methodology required to perform intraocular surgery. The text is written clearly and concisely, investigating basic surgical skills for the eye to facilitate the training process. The subject material of each chapter has been carefully chosen to explain separate conceptual areas in surgery to allow easy understanding and rapid attainment of knowledge. The concepts can be transferred from one surgical method to another, giving the reader the flexibility to adapt to new methods quickly.

Intraocular Surgery - A Basic Surgical Guide provides various insights to allow the development of a thoughtful and considered approach to surgery. It encourages the reader to more intelligently scrutinize which surgical methods to apply, and to utilize the most effective procedures in clinical practice.  After reading this book, the reader will be well-equipped to perform the simple steps of surgery, improving the overall quality of surgery.

Premium Cataract Surgery

RRP $530.99

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In Premium Cataract Surgery: A Step-by-Step Guide, Dr. John A. Hovanesian presents the complicated subject of premium cataract surgery in an approachable manner for all cataract surgeons looking to elevate their skill level and improve patient experience.

Premium Cataract Surgery: A Step-by-Step Guide packages all aspects of premium surgery into a practical guide for eye surgeons who wish to take their practices to a new level by offering cataract patients refractive solutions, such as astigmatism and presbyopia correction. Both well-established and new techniques and implants are presented in chapters that are organized by topic and detailed step-by-step.

Chapters cover every subject related to premium surgery, including how-to chapters on microincision technique, toric implants, limbal relaxing incisions, advanced monovision, multifocals, and accommodating lenses. Enhancement strategies such as piggyback lenses, laser enhancement, and incisional surgery are presented as separate and complete solutions.

In addition to surgical solution strategies, Dr. Hovanesian focuses this book on the psychology of creating a premium practice. Non technical matters such as patient screening, ethics, communicating the value of lenses, and managing the unhappy patient are thoroughly presented with easy-to-adopt ideas for the resident or seasoned veteran.

Administrative Matters Addressed:
Equipment and staffing needs
Medicare compliance
Communicating with pre operative and post operative patients

Premium Cataract Surgery: A Step-by-Step Guide explores every angle of premium surgery and practice and offers improvements for all levels of surgeons, from the resident to the experienced clinician, resulting in a top experience and a lifetime of premium vision for the patient.

Cataract Surgery From Routine To Complex

RRP $643.99

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Cataract Surgery from Routine to Complex: A Practical Guide provides eye care professionals guidance on what to do and how to avoid potential complications in all aspects of cataract surgery, just as if the world’s experts were by your side.

Drs. Randy Olson, George Jin, Ike Ahmed, Alan Crandall, Robert Cionni, and Jason Jones concisely provide a wealth of information, including a detailed list of key issues and considerations for virtually all the possible contingencies of the procedure. Some Topics and Sections Include:  
  • Examination
    • Pupil size, ocular dominance, biometry, and more
    IOL Choice
    • Monofocal: aspheric vs. traditional; presbyopia-correcting: mutifocal vs. accommodating; toric, and more
    Routine Cataract Surgery
    • Microincision cataract surgery, OVD selection, current phacoemulsification techniques, and more
    Complex Cataract Surgery
    • Hypermature cataract, small pupil, pseudoexfoliation, nanophthalmos, pediatric cataract, and more
    Intra-Operative Complications
    • Wound burn, posterior capsular rupture, shallow anterior chamber, and more
    Patient Assessment
    • Visual acuity, refraction, visual quality, and more
    Postoperative Complications
    • Endophthalmitis, toxic anterior segment syndrome, IOL dislocation, and more
     Cataract Surgery from Routine to Complex also includes a companion website that provides more than 2 hours of learning with 38 edited and narrated video presentations, perfectly complementing the procedures discussed inside the text. Cataract Surgery from Routine to Complex is the combination of a practical guide with broad academic underpinnings along with current controversial subjects on cataract surgery, making it ideal for eye care professionals who wish to update their knowledge and translate it into improved surgical techniques and better cataract patient education.

    Eyes Of The Abyss

    RRP $66.99

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    From the dementedly morbid, to viciously sexy. The Lady Bathory takes us, once again, into the soul of the truly tormented. Violent symphonies meld with torturous attraction and Gods in gilded cages caress...with tender, sadistic seduction.Gia takes us to the altar of the Goddess of lust in Purgatory and the never ending agony of love. Truly, an all out fiendishly passionate look into the mind of the mad...".Eyes of the Abyss is a dangerously intimate look into the mind of its Author. Mournful works such as Shattered, On the Fields of Mars and Sacrifice chill to the core with lamentations for the lost, such as Tower. And hymns of bitter solitude like Misunderstood. From the thrilling and perverse, to the sorrowful agony of loss.The glass wall view into the heart of the Abyss. Lady Gia Bathory cuts deep into the flesh of what raw lyrical artistry is made of. Even Beatnik flows such as Justin and Treading Dawn blend almost seamlessly into the eclectic brew that is Gia's latest work. Not only a candid collection of lyrical liquid, Eyes of the Abyss is dually a strikingly open diary of Lady Bathory's personal life. Granting readers a closeness that is otherwise impossible for them to have with her. She rips her heart open and bleeds for the world, showing them that yes, she is a Goddess.but also a woman who feels deeper than most can comprehend. ."There comes a point in everyone's life where they are deep in the Abyss. Be it by their own or someone else's doing, they sink. When you are that far down you stare into the void gaping before you.and sometimes, the Abyss looks back. That is when you know that madness has taken you as his lover." - Lady Gia Bathory" - From

    Dermatologic Surgery

    RRP $389.00

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    A brand new dermatologic surgery text like no other, with 100 DVD surgical clips

    Dermatologic Surgery: A Manual Of Defect Repair Options by Robert Paver, Duncan Stanford and Leslie Storey is an exciting new title from McGraw-Hill Education Australia.

    This invaluable new surgical manual brings to bear text, illustration, photographs, and two narrated DVDs to the subject of dermatological surgical repair. Every area of the body is covered, with particular emphasis on the head and neck. Each chapter lists the repair options for that specific anatomical region and each of those options is then outlined in detail, including the advantages, disadvantages, and a step-by-step description of each.

    Accompanying the text are 100s of color photos, more than 100 color illustrations, and two DVDs that contain 100 surgical clips that demonstrate the various repair options as performed by the authors and narrated by Dr. Paver.

    Endorsed by The Skin and Cancer Foundation of Australia

    Key Features

    • Step by step description of repair closure techniques
    • Hundreds of colour photos
    • Over a hundred colour illustrations
    • 100 DVD clips of live surgeries, narrated by Robert Paver
    • Clear design, with the book ordered by anatomical regions
    About the Authors

    Dr Robert Paver is the Medical Director at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia (Westmead) and has supervised all the Mohs fellows over many years. He is responsible for the online teaching program.

    Dr Duncan Stanford has been associated with the Foundation since he was a dermatology trainee and later a Mohs Fellow supervised by Dr Paver. Dr Stanford is now a Mohs surgeon.

    Associate Professor Leslie Storey was working at the Foundation for two years and set the project in motion.She has subsequently returned to America and is currently working at the University of California, San Francisco, Fresno (UCSF Fresno).


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